"OMG Mode" wiring help please.

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Re: "OMG Mode" wiring help please.

Postby Ken Baker » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:30 pm

fourstringbliss wrote:It's humcancelling in scwbb mode, though, right?

Scwbb? Meaning single coil with bass boost?

Just re-proofed the circuit for the umpteeth time. You gotta get some pencils!

That circuit, as drawn, doesn't do scwbb. SC is on the Y/G coil and the cap is on the B/W coil (as proofed).

Humcanceling will occur in parallel mode, SC with both pickups at equal levels, but NOT in series with bass boost. The caps cause an imbalance that defeats humcanceling. Remove the caps and series will be humcanceling.

G'night! I've had a large day and my head hurts.

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