Bass Pot Replacememnt: 250K Linear vs 1Meg Reverse Audio

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Re: Bass Pot Replacememnt: 250K Linear vs 1Meg Reverse Audi

Postby Ken Baker » Sat Feb 06, 2021 11:47 am

AlexBassDE wrote:One question from a noob who also can source 250k lin pots much easier than the 1M rev log:

The C (reverse log) taper pots are hard to find for everyone; not just noobs.

Just to be sure: I would need a B250k pot, right? Not a C250k one.

Correct. The letter denotes taper; A for audio (log) taper, B for linear taper, and C for reverse audio (log) taper.

And will the soldering of the wires be identical to the schematics for the 1M rev log pot? Or would I need to switch the wire connections on the linear bass pot?

Should be the same.

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