Preamp for L2000?

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Re: Preamp for L2000?

Postby daveplaysbass » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:48 pm

Mr. Mom wrote:What I don't like about the Aggie pre....And this is kind of a big deal to me....Is that turn the Blend juuust past halfway (indent) and you're about 80-90% of the way towards the bridge pickup, blend-wise. Turning it the rest of the way does very little tone-wise. It's kind of hard for me to find that sweet spot. Other Blends on active pre's I've had are far more consistent and intuitive.

I would guess the blend pot used is a 500K blend. In my experience with jazz basses, 250K blends have more blend to them than 500K blends. 500K blends are more of a binary on / off with a pretty small blend range relative to 250K blends. Per some circuit simulations I did years ago, the 250K blend is more of a full range blend as I recall. I will see if I can get a blend simulation thrown together in my latest simulation software.
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