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Mod Resources - Rev 11/09/2014

PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:41 pm
by Ken Baker
Let's start a thread containing links and resources for modding basses and bass gear.

When linking, please link in stuff where the links won't go dead when we least expect it. If you think a link is valuable but it might disappear, let me know and we can try getting that info onto BassesByLeo. If the owner needs to give us permission to copy his/her info, please arrange for that ahead of time. There is a LOT of stuff out there that is pretty much up for grabs, so please be selective.


Switch pinouts and shunt mappings

PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 8:09 pm
by Ken Baker
These are pinouts and shunt mappings for the specified switches. They're useful for "proofing" a circuit path when troubleshooting as well as for circuit design. The idea here is to print these and then pencil in where leads would go. The views shown are looking directly at the bottom of the switch and the solder lugs. The images are large and will not scale well on the forum, so only links are provided. The aspect ratios are 1-1 (square), so scale as needed when printing if that's important to you.

These are JPGs exported from proprietary source files I created in EastDraw 3.9.6 for Mac. PDF and other formats are available on request.

4 Pole Double Throw (4PDT) and 2PDT 2 Position ON-ON

4 Pole Double Throw (4PDT) and 2PDT 3 Position ON-ON-ON

    This 4PDT switch is used for early L-2000, modern L Series "K" models, and the "DavePlaysBass" circuits for coil select switching; ie, Series/Single Coil/Parallel. The 2PDT switch is used for standard L Series pickup select and Passive/Active/Active with Treble Boost. The 2PDT switch is effectively half of the 4PDT switch and can be used to provide Series/Single Coil/Parallel switching of individual pickups.

    2PDT and 4PDT ON-ON-ON Position 1

    2PDT and 4PDT ON-ON-ON Position 2

    2PDT and 4PDT ON-ON-ON Position 3