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Guidelines for The Cave, such as they are...

PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:56 pm
by Ken Baker
This is the place where we can kick off our shoes, prop our feet up on a guitar amp, and relax. Yeah, your basic open forum where pretty much anything goes except for religion, politics, and other "Hot Button" topics. I'll also drop in the occasional G&L Artist Interview or other news items that fit in here at BbL.

The rules to use here are common sense and the Golden Rule. Please treat people with respect and in a manner that you would like to be treated. If there is a post that you don't agree with, you are welcome to disagree with the post but you are not welcome to attack the post's author. Keep the language and subject matter to an R rating (in here only) and we should be good to go.

We've all been around the block enough to know where to draw the line. For those unclear on where the line should be drawn, either ask before posting or don't post. If a post magically disappears, it's likely that the line was crossed and the post was t-canned.

Here we go!