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Warwick 5 with Aguilar OBP-2 preamp

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:13 am
by bassman
I guess I am showing my age because I bought this bass last year and I am now just figuring out that it is a non-stock preamp that gives it its great tone.

The bass is a Warwick Corvette standard 5 string and I played this bass for a year until last week when I took a closer look at the control cavity to see why this Warwick did not have a passive override to protect against battery failure during a gig. Usually, you can pull up on a volume pot to switch out of active mode.
Lo and behold there was a small black box with wires coming out of it and OBP-2 on its side.

This bass has no such switch and I didn't even know to look for one until I bought a 4 string active, Warwick Corvette and it has such a switch.

The pan pot seems to work opposite of what I think it should. Anyway, I just thought that I would share this observation. I own an Aguilar product and I didn't even know it!

Re: Warwick 5 with Aguilar OBP-2 preamp

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:50 pm
by BluesBassPlayer
I like Warwick's. I also like their electronics. I have a Thumb NT and enjoy the preamp active & passive. I don't much like the Fender active preamps. I put a Sadowsky preamp in my Fender Reggie Hamilton CS and never looked back. I think the Sadowsky and Aguilar are on the same page. I also think 2 way (hi, lo) preamps are the way to go. Sometimes less is better.