Sterling SUB bass- active electronics stopped working

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Re: Sterling SUB bass- active electronics stopped working

Postby Ken Baker » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:06 am

bassman wrote:I contacted Music Man about my defective/replacement pre-amp. it was built with a volume pot that was too short to reach through the body.
They readily acknowledged their error and agreed to send out a new pre-amp free of charge but they want the old one back before sending out the new one.

I told them that this was a major pain in the ass! and the agreed to send me a set of strings and a t-shirt to placate me and to send it overnight as soon as they recieved notification from UPS that the old pre-amp was on its way so that I would get the repl. ASAP.

MusicMan is REALLY one sided about things like this. They just don't want any free-ranging parts floating around. OTOH, they are also pretty good about throwing swag in the box.

The new pre-amp arrived. I installed it more easily, because I am getting good at this by now and the bass is again working great.

It's all about the practice, huh? Sorry you had to go through so much proctice, but.... practice!

During this experience I improved my soldering skills a great deal and I learned the value of a good soldering station. Ialso learned a lot about MM basses and pre-amps.

Thanks to deltafred and Ken Baker for the info and words of encouragement throughout this project.

All of which will serve well in the future. Thanks for sharing your angst with us!

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