G&L Factory Inventory – 5/19/2020.

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G&L Factory Inventory – 5/19/2020.

Postby Ken Baker » Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:29 pm

G&L Factory Inventory – 5/19/2020

Edit 3/27/2020: The factory is "sort of" closed right now due to COVID-19. Repairs and a little bit of "light stuff" are running. Staff that is there are masked and remaining distanced. Dave is up in a loft "messing with my little projects".


Below are lists of instruments at the factory, all built and ready to go. The individual item descriptions can be a little cryptic, so we have an options guide available. Please understand that G&L is NOT selling these guitars & basses direct, so dealers are still the only way to go.

If you see an instrument you like in the list and want to purchase it, call G&L at 714-897-6766 and speak to Ron Moreno at extension 112. Tell him which instrument you want by serial number and which dealer you work with. Ron may have other instructions, and if he does please follow them carefully. Then you'll contact your dealer and tell them what you're doing and work out payment to the dealer. Ron and the dealer work out their end, you and the dealer work your end, and you get a new shiny.

CLF Research
2019 Fullerton Deluxe
2020 Fullerton Deluxe
Option Codes

Note that the guitars and basses are combined in the listings for Fullerton Standard, Fullerton Deluxe, and CLF Research.


    Only contact Ron if you are committing to the sale. He's a nice guy and will do anything he can to help, but he doesn't have time for tire kickers.

    All instruments are subject to prior sale. Just because you see it here doesn't mean it might not already be sold.

I will make every effort to update the list at least weekly. G&L can sometimes be pretty sporadic about getting the inventory list out, so be sure to check the date in the subject of this post. If it’s older than a couple weeks, it will likely disappear. If you have questions about these lists, please direct them to G&L or your dealer.

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