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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:33 am
by Mr. Mom
Sheesh, it's been a while. Not sure why I have not participated in the G&L love lately? But I just had to share a quick story about a gig this weekend.

I have a regular church gig. Doesn't pay a lot but it's super nice folks and good players. And it IS a regular paycheck at the end of every month. So there's that.... :D

Was going over Sunday's tunes the night before. (Didn't have a Sat night gig.) I usually practice with my small pedalboard with a very, very fine preamp (Grace Felix) and some effects (that I mostly use for the church gig). I always run my active basses "flat" and use the EQ from the Felix/pedalboard and pan between pickups to get tones. With very good results. But the pedalboard was already packed up and ready to go from a gig Friday night so I trudge to my basement practice space without it and I just plug my L2k with Aggy guts straight into my cheap little Yamaha mixer and put on some headphones so as to not disturb the fam watching the Olympics. A little bass/treble cut and a little boost at 800 hz and DAMN!.....That sounds good. Like...reeeaaaallll good. Huh. But that's just through my headphones and a live situation is different.

But just for kicks, when I get to my church gig the next morning, I run the Felix completely flat and EQ from my L2k using my settings from the night before. Our soundman is the real deal. At the end of the service ask him "How was the bass tone? I was doing something different than normal." His response: "It was massive."

I freakin' love my L2000.

Re: "Massive."

PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:59 am
by jcburn
I can't find another bass I'm happy with. The tone alone is so unique but exactly what I want, whether it be both pickups on or each solo'd. Then you have the playability and diversity of tone.
Sold off my Spectors, Warwick's, Yamahas and all but one Fender (guess I had to keep one!).
Only other basses I now want are an El Toro and a nice L2500.

Re: "Massive."

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:25 am
by Mr. Mom
jcburn wrote:The tone alone is so unique but exactly what I want, whether it be both pickups on or each solo'd.

Yup. The MFD's, right out of the gate, get closer to the sound in my head than anything else out there.

I do have another great bass that I love: A heavily modded Lakland Skyline Scheff. Just a great playing and sounding piece of wood. But the L2k just has a certain sumpin'-sumpin' that other basses don't have. hard to put into words.