A note about PMs and emails... 8/2016

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A note about PMs and emails... 8/2016

Postby Ken Baker » Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:38 pm

One of the great things about message boards such as this one is that there is a collective intelligence. Everyone knows something but not everything. If things work out, the things that one person knows covers someone else's lack of knowledge. In the end we all learn something, and if we do it enough we'll all end up to be a bunch of G&L brainiacs.

If you want to PM or email me or another user a question about G&L instruments, ALSO post your question to the board. It's a collective intelligence, so you're going to get good info. You might be surprised at the action one little question can create, and you'll be helping everyone here as well - even the lurkers. You had to register to be able to PM or email through the board, so a couple more mouse clicks shouldn't hurt and you're not going to get an answer any faster by email or PM.

And if you think your question is silly or that everyone will laugh at your post, please remember that if you have a question about something there are probably a dozen others that have the same question. Nobody is going to eat you, so please dive in.


    Unless there is some clear and good reason, it is likely that I will copy & paste tech emails and PMs to the board. No personal info will be posted; only that necessary to get you a proper answer. You can request that I do not copy & paste your email or PM, but there has to be a good reason.


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