CNC vs Pin Routers

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CNC vs Pin Routers

Postby Ken Baker » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:04 pm

Back in the early 2000s over at the KCC (the old green GuitarsByLeo site) there was a hew and a cry from the "handmade" zealots over G&L's change to CNC from the Leo era pin routers used for roughing out bodies and necks. I was initially in the handmade camp for a while, but the benefits of CNC far out-weighs the so-called mojo of pin routers. Plus, and WAY more importantly, CNC saves a lot of bloodshed.

While this isn't G&L specific, this is a video showing how the two work.

As an aside, the Laguna mill that Novo Guitars uses is a nice machine but G&L's HASS is bigger and more production oriented. The output of both is equally good.

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