Notes about selling your gear - Updated 12/22/2015

Seeing as how we are fortunate to count Paul Gagon as a member here, it seemed like a good time to give him a home to stretch out in and relax a little. Maybe exercise the grey matter and present a little history of the guitar and bass (amps too!) from his perspective as one of the eminent designers of our time.

Got questions? Great! Good questions might be, "What kind of windings are on the S500 pickup and why?" Or, "What was the thought process behind the MJ-4?" Troubleshooting questions should remain in the regular forums (he reads those too). Finally, please be mindful of how I feel about tech questions via PM or email.

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Notes about selling your gear - Updated 12/22/2015

Postby Ken Baker » Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:27 pm

For Sale and Wanted:
This is for musical gear offered for sale/trade or sought by you personally or qualified dealers. Members posting ads need to have a minimum of 20 contributing posts to the board in the equipment forums. Any decision to remove an ad because said member needs to be more active will be made by the Admin, and that decision is final. IMPORTANT! Sellers and buyers assume all risks with any transaction, so you are strongly encouraged to cover your fanny and get to know the other person a little. BassesByLeo and its owner provides no endorsement for sellers or buyers, assumes NO LIABILITY of any kind for any reason, and will NOT get involved in any way. You're on your own.

Nothing will help sell an item like a good photo. Clean & clear shots are the order of the day here. If you can, using a real camera with a tripod will only help. Besides, we're a visual bunch. Give us something to drool over and force us to look for ways to afford what you're selling.

Notes on cross-posted or linked ads
I'm not asking for exclusivity, as that would be unreasonable and I understand you're trying to sell something. However, I'd prefer to see original ads rather than links to your ad on other forums or sites. If you want to copy & paste the ad text from some other place, that's okay. Just please don't post a one line, "Here's my item for sale over on Such&" Our members deserve to see what you're selling, here, on BassesByLeo. Please don't make me fix your ad for you; or delete it.

Notes on PayPal usage
Sellers may not surcharge for PayPal use - that's PayPal's rule and PayPal users agree to it when they sign up. I don't like the fees any more than the next guy, but I'm not going to give anyone an avenue to circumvent the rules. I'm not saying you have to absorb the charge; just factor it into your sale price if you want to. But if I see an ad that openly surcharges, it's as good as gone.

No seller or buyer, on his or her own or together, is to require, demand, or even request use of PayPal's "Personal Payment" plan as a condition of a sale or purchase. If I see such an ad, it will be deleted. Do understand that PayPal's "Personal Payment" is not to be used for goods or services and that there is no payment protection for either party.

Items for sale elsewhere that you want to share would go here. Craigslist, eBay, etc. These should be non-affiliated posts only.

Notes to Dealers
You too are welcome to post ads for your shop. The For Sale rules apply to you too, with the following additional requirements: You must be an authorized G&L dealer (privately owned shops preferred). Don't carpet bomb us with a bunch of ads. Please hold yourself to one ad per week - maybe a weekly special, BbL member special, or a group buy.

Please note that this announcement is a work in progress and may get tweaked from time to time.


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