Searching through the BassesByLeo forum

Seeing as how we are fortunate to count Paul Gagon as a member here, it seemed like a good time to give him a home to stretch out in and relax a little. Maybe exercise the grey matter and present a little history of the guitar and bass (amps too!) from his perspective as one of the eminent designers of our time.

Got questions? Great! Good questions might be, "What kind of windings are on the S500 pickup and why?" Or, "What was the thought process behind the MJ-4?" Troubleshooting questions should remain in the regular forums (he reads those too). Finally, please be mindful of how I feel about tech questions via PM or email.

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Searching through the BassesByLeo forum

Postby Ken Baker » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:18 pm

It really grinds my gears that so many forums seem to have a mantra of "search before you ask". Thankfully, that doesn't happen here. If someone asks a question, they deserve a proper answer. That answer may have search results, but it's still a helluva lot better than "Search first then ask". Thank you to everyone for helping to keep a human (and humane) vibe going on here.

    Edit to add...The concept of providing proper answers to questions is of particular importance when the subject matter has to do with G&L basses because that is the focus of this site. When someone has a question about a G&L bass, I think it's important for us to collectively exercise the old brain and provide an answer. However, it is not and cannot be a hard & fast rule. While answers to questions about bass-related items other than G&L are welcome, an answer might take a little longer or might also contain a little nudge about being resourceful. This might even happen with G&L stuff if there isn't a known direct answer and we have to look for and filter through related information. Just sayin'...

Having said all that, I understand that a lot of folks still like to search anyway. phpBB forums, of which BassesByLeo is one, have a search function built in, but its level of usefulness is right up there with mammary glands on a boar hog. If the search criteria is VERY simple, you MAY find what you're after. But don't count on it. Use Google instead.

When doing a Google search, you can specify the website name you want it to search. For example:

To search for Kiloton, your search entry would look like this: kiloton This specifies what you're searching for (kiloton) and where to search (

Looking for a wiring diagram for an L-2000? Try this: l-2000 wiring diagram Where the first search only looked in the forum, the second search looks in the main BassesByLeo page as well as the forum.

And just because we can: kittens

Hope this helps you find things.

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