The Taming of the Climax/L-1500 Bass

We are fortunate to count Paul Gagon as a member here, so it seemed natural to give him a home to stretch out in and relax a little. Maybe exercise the grey matter and present a little history of the guitar and bass (amps too!) from his perspective as one of the eminent designers of our time.

Got questions? Great! Good questions might be, "What are the EQ mappings for the M Series preamps?" Or, "What was the thought process behind the MJ-4?" Troubleshooting questions should remain in the regular forums (he reads those too). Finally, please be mindful of how I feel about tech questions via PM or email.

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Re: The Taming of the Climax/L-1500 Bass

Postby daveplaysbass » Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:22 pm

Paul Gagon wrote:This is for a single pickup that is configured in parallel mode.

Thanks. Doing some quick spreadsheet math using the capacitance and resonances, the following is the results with minimum error:

Single Coil (1 Coil):
L = 5.68 H
C = 75 pF

Parallel (2 Coils):
L = 2.84 H
C = 150 pF

Series (2 Coils):
L = 11.4 H
C = 38 pF

This also would indicate that the 0.1uF OMG capacitor and a 5.68 H coil will have a resonance and roll off around 200 Hz which sounds about right.
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