Original finishes?

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Original finishes?

Postby jaybee » Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:39 am

Hi folks, is there any info/knowledge on the original finishes offered by G&l in the early eighties?
There is a stunning looking purple up for grabs on Reverb, and i’ve Read about a rootbeer color, and chatted with a guy on UK basschat who has a dark green. Seems like a lot of choice?
Also, is there any discernible audible differences between early small hex and slots or large hex?
Again thanks for sharing
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Re: Original finishes?

Postby derick » Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:47 am

Leo would paint a bass most any color you wanted, I've got a white 1981 special ordered before white was officially offered.

The color options on early G&Ls shows Natural, Sunburst (which was the two-tone tobacco sunburst) Black, Clear Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Metallic finishes were the Shoreline Gold and Candy Apple Red. The so-called "Root Beer" color is a clear finish over Mahogany. Leo stopped shipping Mahogany in 1984 because he decided some of the basses sounded bad, or inconsistent? I read this on the internet so it must be true. Ken has one of the last Mahogany basses that Leo produced.

Having said that, my opinion on the purple L-1000 on reverb is that is is a refin. The body looks brand new and doesn't match the wear of the neck and back plate. 10 lbs. 5 oz. is on the heavy side, not at the top of the scale by any means, but it's beyond the top of my personal scale. I'm saying that bass is Jan-March-ish 1982.
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