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Re: Help!!! No treble

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:10 pm
by Ken Baker
Rob W wrote:So, in other words, you'd say that amount of treble is normal for an L-1000?

I don't have your bass in front of me, so don't really want to stick my neck out a helluva lot further. The L Series soapbars, if in healthy stock condition, actually produce a pretty good amount of treble; so much so that the swamping cap was/is employed.

It's probably going to help you to know that the L-2000 - passive, neck only, parallel - will NOT sound exactly like an L-1000. The reason is that the preamp is always connected to the circuit and providing a little bit of a load, even in passive mode. You can pull the battery, but that preamp is still there. What I'm saying here is that while you can certainly compare the two basses, it isn't exactly apples to apples.

As I said, I'm pretty okay with the amount of treble as it is, but I guess I wasn't expecting that overall, the instrument would be that much darker sounding than say, my L-2000, L-2500 or Kiloton so I thought maybe something was still slightly amiss. If that's normal, then I guess I'm good.

You've already modded the instrument. At this point you are trying to tailor it to your expectations. I say lift the cap and see where you end up. It's not going to damage anything to try and it's totally reversible.