Left Handed L1000

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Left Handed L1000

Postby Deano » Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:45 pm

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Re: Left Handed L1000

Postby Southpaw » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:22 am

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie to this forum but a long time G&L fan and player. A few months ago I purchased the lefty 1981 L1000 posted above (the ad has been deleted). It is a beautiful bass, an excellent example of early G&L. The only items to note are; it is heavy! Just over 10.5 lbs., Not sure of the wood, ash? alder? Also it has finish checking. At some time it was taken from hot to cold or vice versa too quickly and it suffered finish checking. I was happy to find the checking is only visible on an angle in certain light, so not an issue at all for me.

The bass appears original, no alterations, case too. It has 81' slot pole pieces, chrome hardware, a very dark rosewood fretboard, it almost looks ebony except lighter color in one spot reveals the grain.
I am not sure if anyone ever touched this bass beyond playing it; while cleaning, I removed the neck to photograph the neck and body dates for insurance and the best way to verify the build date on a G&L (July 1981 for both), the creaking of the screws at first turn and the finishing dust underneath leads me to believe it was not disassembled or maybe long ago. I took pictures and reassembled assuring each screw returned to it's original hole (a bit of OCD). Done.

The same for the control cavity. This is the only other part I unscrewed for pictures. again the finishing dust was underneath. I was careful each screw returned to it's original hole and not to alter anything, everything works perfect after 35 years, leave it alone! I am glad I have pictures of the wiring; first, the wiring appears factory untouched, second, it is wired differently from the current L1000 schematic. I believe it is wired in a more efficient manor, I will post pictures in another thread and let the electronic guru's share thoughts on that. I believe Paul G. mentioned there were various wiring versions in the early years, Paul can confirm this for us.

To conclude, I am fortunate to have an excellent example early lefty L1000 that is a pleasure to play. I look forward to learning more from this terrific forum and much thanks to Ken for this forum and how he keeps it positive, I know this is a labor of love on his part and to Paul G. again, we are grateful you share your experience with us.
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Re: Left Handed L1000

Postby derick » Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:29 pm

Hi Southpaw, beautiful Wunkay!

The photos display kind of smallish on my computer, but the wood is ash and the fretboard looks to be almost certainly ebony. From all reports Leo wouldn't stain his ebony boards, and there are several examples of "figured" ebony on these early G&Ls. I am very interested in what the differences in wiring between this one and the schematics might be.

That's also a very early version of the brown fur case, with not too much use those usually wear through the finish on the body under the neck heel where the bass is held by the block in the case.
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Re: Left Handed L1000

Postby dukeplaysbass » Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:45 am

Pretty bass, Southpaw!

I'm interested in the wiring pic. I have never heard that there were different wiring schemes, very interested to hear about this - maybe we can get Paul G to comment....?
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Re: Left Handed L1000

Postby Southpaw » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:37 am

Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words derick & Duke. I thought the fretboard was ebony too, perhaps it is, It's solid black like ebony on most of the neck except towards the end, there is some lighter grain that looks like rosewood but I understand not all ebony boards are not solid black, so It could be. I agree, it is not stained, my pictures are too big to post, perhaps I will learn to resize them without making them too small.

I have another old G&L with the brown case, perhaps I have been lucky as neither bass has any wear at the body/neck heel, the poly is still there and shiny. Those cases drives me nuts, as the top of the headstock is directly against the wood frame of the case, a little more space and padding would have been nice, oh well, solid cases anyhow.

I will send the electronics picture to Ken to post in Paul's technical area, as they are too large when I try to post them. I briefly chatted via email with Paul about the wiring and he mentioned there were various ways in the early days, this is good information to be shared with all the forum members, Paul can provide more information for us. Thanks again for the kind welcome.
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