2014 * limited edition * L-1000 basses

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Re: 2014 * limited edition * L-1000 basses

Postby jim.i » Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:25 pm

I feel the same about my L-2000, which i will be selling. Maybe its just that this particular L-1000 is the right bass for me, and in the end its pretty subjective anyway. One person's nothing-special is another's treasure.

bhunt1 wrote:One thing I noticed about this bass is that it has a different feel from the 2009 L2500 I used to own. It feels better balanced and the neck profile seems a bit thinner. Maybe just my imagination, but I like the feel of it better.
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Re: 2014 * limited edition * L-1000 basses

Postby Kostaboda » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:03 pm

those are nice
thanks for the heads up
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Re: 2014 * limited edition * L-1000 basses

Postby Monahan » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:32 pm

Sweet basses-- Congrats to each of the owners!

The L2000 I bought last month also came with a case that appeared to be a 1-size-fits-all generic G&G. It was even missing the "G&L Guitars By Leo" badge which is typically under the handle. I brought this to the attention of the shop owner who said that in the recent past a lot of customers were complaining about the form fitting cases being too tight-- so perhaps this is G&L's solution? The shop owner checked his stash of extra cases in the back and found an older form fitting case which I was happy to accept in exchange. So yeah, I've been keeping my ear to the ground concerning the "case situation." In doing so I've noticed a few people showing off their new LTD L1000 accompanied by a SKB style case... and that has me wondering as well.

For those with the new L1000 AND L2000: do you notice any sonic difference between the L1000 and the neck pickup on the L2000? My initial thought is that already being an L2K owner (with K-wiring), I would find the L1K redundant... I'd love to hear your thoughts ;)
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Re: 2014 * limited edition * L-1000 basses

Postby bhunt1 » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:57 pm

My L1005 has a Tolex case, but it is not form fitting - I am lefty, and I think the lefty 5 string cases are not form fitting. I would say probably if you have an L2K with K wiring, the L1000 would be redundant, although I feel my L1005 has a slightly different tone and feel from the L2500 I used to own, which was a 2009 model. I think G&L may have made some subtle changes in the last couple of years that has tweaked the feel (e.g., the neck is not quite so chunky) and the pickup (it's sounds a little more refined, less wooly, more like a vintage L2000). Also, the L1005 feels better balanced and not quite so heavy as my L2500. This could all be in my head, of course, but I really like the feel and tone of the L1005.
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Re: 2014 * limited edition * L-1000 basses

Postby RocketMusic » Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:51 am

I've had a bunch of L-1000 basses come through my shop recently, and they've all arrived in the usual form-fit hardsell case covered in black tolex that G&L typically uses. If anything, I'd describe the form-fit on these as loose. It's not necessarily a problem in every day use, but I've taken to putting some stuffing in the case to keep the bass from moving around inside the case during shipping.
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Re: 2014 * limited edition * L-1000 basses

Postby fatherska » Thu Nov 20, 2014 8:48 pm

When anybody who owns a new (2014 or later) L-1000 or L-1005 mods the circuit to trad wunkay 3-way switching (humbucking, single-coil, single-coil with bass boost) from the new 3-way switch as shipped (series, parallel, single-coil) then please post a report here, with or without before/after sound clips.
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Re: 2014 * limited edition * L-1000 basses

Postby bhunt1 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:16 pm

As it turns out, the new reissues have the cap in the circuit for OMG mode - just had that discussion on TB and I peeked under the hood on my L1005 - it''s there. Here's a vid I did w it in OMG (what I thought at the time was series mode):

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