Privacy notes - encrypting your personal information.

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Privacy notes - encrypting your personal information.

Postby Ken Baker » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:30 pm

I going to venture off into semi-political territory for this because I think it's necessary.

On 3/23/2017 the US Senate voted to let Internet Service Providers sell your browsing history to advertisers. The US House Of Representatives is expected to follow suit, which will effectively eliminate FCC protections enacted last year and that would have gone into effect in December. I'm very privacy oriented and cannot describe how frustrating it is to know that "The People's Work" includes selling the people to the highest bidder.

Those BassesByLeo members who are from nations other than the United States may not be affected by these laws. You should check with your local ISP or lawmakers to find out if there is a national policy in your country.

Having said that, these politicos and the companies that have them pocketed can look elsewhere or work harder to get our info.

I have installed an SSL certificate on the BASSESBYLEO.COM domain. Assuming I've got it set up correctly, your personal information (username/password) that moves between BassesByLeo and your browser should be encrypted and secure. Your forum views should also be encrypted. Any admin work that the moderators and myself do should be encrypted. A quick look at your address bar should say "Secure" and show the protocol used as "https" rather than just "http". It might not slow down the NSA, but if they want to learn about basses they're hacking the right place.

Your initial login may force you to re-enter your username and password when logging in. There may be other effects as well. The system that BassesByLeo runs on, phpBB, is reasonably well documented, but it can be a bit of a jungle finding settings and info that are a good fit for us. This is just a long-winded way of saying that this will likely be a work in progress, so I'll thank all of you now for your future understanding.

Finally, I know as well as the next guy that a lot of you have your browser store your password and login info. Neither your username nor your password has been changed and you can view these within the settings for your browser (Chrome, Firefox). If you just can't get to them or need help, please email me at ken at bassesbyleo dot com and I'll get you back in ASAP. Be sure to include in that email your username and/or the email address you used to register.

    Those of you who are tech oriented may want to use a VPN or TOR for your web browsing. Can't say that I blame you. Just know that if you do, only use one of them and never both or you'll probably have connectivity issues.

    4/18/2017: Just noticed that YouTube vids weren't displaying. I made an adjustment to the code that drives it and all appears normal.


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