Registration Notes - Updated 5/29/2021

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Registration Notes - Updated 5/29/2021

Postby Ken Baker » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:08 am

Registration is generally pretty easy. You fill in the form, answer a couple of "Are you a real human?" questions, and solve a re-Captcha. Not too bad, but there are a few things that can make registration/activation fall apart:

As of 5/4/2017, account activation will be done via administrator action. That means that I will be manually examining the registration details of all potential members and allowing access based upon the results of the examination. I verify that the email address used is valid and not a catch-all. Then I run the email address, username, and IP address against a spamming database. If I get a hit on any one of the items checked, I double-check using a different database. If I cannot get a clean read on all items, the prospective account is banned (email, username, IP) and deleted. If everything checks out okay, which is usually the case, the account gets activated. I'm generally able to do this within a few hours, but this may add a day or two to the registration/activation process. Once activated, I send an email to the address of record letting the recipient know that their account is activated and ready for use. If activation is denied for any reason, no email is sent.

IP addresses kind of become a bit of an issue. It doesn't matter to me or the board if you choose to use a VPN service or TOR to access BassesByLeo. There is one thing to consider, though: I check new member's IP addresses. I've had a multiple instances where the new user being checked used a VPN service and his IP address came up on a hot (spam, malware, etc) list; another spoofed his address to be the address of BassesByLeo. Additionally, I use your IP address to geotag you in case I need to refer you to a G&L distributor or dealer. This geotagging only returns regional results (city) and is unable to find your physical address. Because of this, I am strongly requesting that you register without using a VPN or TOR. Once you're registered and activated, you are welcome to go back to using those services.

Updated 6/1/2019: I can no longer accept registrations from users with an email address from the FREE.FR or MYEMAILOUTLOOK.COM domains. Email addresses from these domains have been unverifiable or are listed as "Catch-all" addresses. Additionally, FREE.FR and its IP netblock, as well as MYEMAILOUTLOOK.COM, are known sources of forum spam. There are any number of low-cost/no-cost email services available that are reliable and safe. Remember, we need you to provide a valid and monitored email address in the event that the board needs to contact you. We value your privacy as much as you do and will never sell your information to anyone.

Additional note. The email service used by BassesByLeo is Google Workplace. If you're trying to vet BbL by doing an MX Record or SPF Record search, you'll find that our ducks are all lined up nicely.

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