Photobucket cleanup begins 9/10/17

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Photobucket cleanup begins 9/10/17

Postby Ken Baker » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:12 pm

As mentioned here, Photobucket is no longer allowing free hosting for the purpose of hotlinking images to sites such as BassesByLeo. I also mentioned that I'm going to go through and do a cleanup of sorts of those posts that displays the Photobucket notice rather than your image. That cleanup starts today. I'm not going to toss entire posts, but will edit and provide some soft of notice of what I've done along with a link to

Edit - I've completed cleanup of the OBT in G&L Basses. As time allows I'll be going through the pictures thread in The Others and clean up there as well.

Any that I run into with older tech threads will need to be carefully looked at to see if they need to be updated or simply cleaned out, depending on relevance to the subject matter. If an update is required, the post owner will be contacted.

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