Found a ‘96 L2500 for sale...

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Found a ‘96 L2500 for sale...

Postby Eastcoasteddie » Mon Apr 05, 2021 5:45 pm

I like to check Reverb and Classifieds to see if there are any ‘96-‘97 L2500’s with 4+1 headstocks around.
Other than my ‘96, I have probably seen 5 others either for sale or currently owned.
I have come across a ‘96 that is for sale in Poland: ... herryburst

The ad was originally labeled as ‘92, but I contacted the seller and we had a good discussion about the history of L2500’s.
He told me that the original owner said he bought it in ‘92, which is why it was labeled that way. Anyway, I had him pull the neck and found that the body was stamped ‘96.

The odd thing is that the neck is stamped 1998, and if I understand the history right. The 3+2 headstock arrived by mid-97, so I wonder if the date is correct or if the person operating the stamp didn’t have his/her reading glasses on just then.
Also, what is kind of odd, but not really, is that the hand-written “L2500” on the neck heel is right next to a crossed-out hand-written “5500”, which I assume is L5500 (I believe it was the same neck). But the L2500 Logo on the headstock is there and original.
It could have been a warranty replacement, but the original owner never mentioned anything... or maybe it was because Jan 07, 1998 was a “Hump-Day”...
See photos.
I believe the bass is legit, and I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money.
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Re: Found a ‘96 L2500 for sale...

Postby jcburn » Fri Apr 09, 2021 5:35 am

I've seen this bass too and want it so bad!
The planets won't align this time but at some point in time I will own an L2500 with a 4+1 headstock.
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