1981 G&L L2000 Series E

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1981 G&L L2000 Series E

Postby tonymannara » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:39 am

The Holy Grail of all true Gleek devotees…and a bass every single heavy collector should have in their rack and PLAY, period. My favorite bass of all time.

A 1981 L2KE with all the sacred fixins:

B00 serial number
That shapely pre-lawsuit headstock
Mahogany body
The fabled maple neck with 1 ¾” nut
Rosewood fretboard
The infamous “slot pole” MFD pickups
Original chrome plates and knobs

Thanks to chef for much of this description of the Tookays that I ripped off.

This bass is the crown jewel of Leo’s life’s work.

The E-Series designation comes from back in the day when G&L allegedly built these in a purely passive version as well, "E" standing for electronic preamp.

The "slot pole" pickups mean they adjust with a straight blade screwdriver. A side benefit to this is the slot actually affects the magnetic field, and they sound brighter with the slots perpendicular to the strings (as opposed to horizontal to them).

This bass features the standard G&L control layout of pickup selector, coil tap, preamp select (passive, active, active with treble boost), and volume, treble cut and bass cut. The E-series have a very cool difference from current production L2000's in that the coil tap has dual coil AND single coil with bass boost (instead of dual coil series), as well as dual coil parallel. This allows you get much closer to the "standard J and P" tones. You can dial this in (or out) further by adjusting either the pickup body, or the aforementioned slot pole pieces in the single coil side. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also adjust the single coil slot poles "brighter," and the dual coil slot poles "darker" for an even wider variance of tones. Just such a versatile bass with nearly countless tonal options. With patience and perseverance you WILL find that elusive sound, YOUR sound, that you have always heard in your head. And this bass flat out is the most ball rupturing goliath I have ever played, bar none. A true bottom end thundereffer.

The maple neck is a gem, 1 3/4" nut width, but nice and shallow. Llike many G&L enthusiasts it is my favorite G&L neck of all time and to me the most “classic.” Weight comes in at just over 10 lbs, but has never ever bothered me. You get what you weigh for.

Overall condition is better than I would expect for a bass this age. All the hardware is original. The headstock is in outstanding condition with some minor scuffing at the very top. The maple neck is really in fantastic condition. There is an ever so slight nick out of the back but I have never noticed it while playing and it looks fine. Rosewood fretboard is in great shape and the original frets still have some good meat on them. Neck is straight and true. The front of the body has the finish checking that comes with a bass this of age, but to me it is absolutely beautiful. The back has the kind of buckle rash and scratches you would expect from a gigging bass but no major dings or chunks missing. Chrome is in as good of shape I personally have seen on these. It finally is getting some minor bubbling on a section of the bridge, and has a slight flake on one of the knobs…but that’s it. Here is the thing…it has some gouging in the wood around the bridge. Close up pictures available via email. People don’t notice it in the crowd even under the lights, but you will notice. It never bothered me and it in no way effects the structural integrity of the bass. But it is there, scars from a previous life she was rescued from. I have no idea how it happened from a previous owner, almost looks like someone tried to pry the bridge off with a screwdriver. That said, the pictures don’t do her justice; there is a deliciously creamy hue to her that is quite breathtaking. To me, she’s beautiful just the way she is and I don’t even notice any of the “character” any more.

More and close-up pictures available via email.

Comes with a non-original but excellent SKB travel case with TSA trigger latches, brand new green suede strap, and a river of tears.

$1500 OBO via PayPal and shipped CONUS or cash for local delivery in So Cal
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Re: 1981 G&L L2000 Series E

Postby Mr. Mom » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:23 am

THAT'S a bass!

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Re: 1981 G&L L2000 Series E

Postby tonymannara » Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:24 pm

Not a single nibble in 9 days?!?!

What the f*** happened to the Delta I used to know?
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