Ashdown and g&l

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Ashdown and g&l

Postby Jefflaserfist » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:02 pm

Does anyone here use Ashdown with their L2000 or asat, wanted to know how they handle the hot output of the pickups?
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Re: Ashdown and g&l

Postby fatherska » Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:58 pm


I've been playing an L-1500 only for quite a number of years, now. My own rig comprises an Ashdown MAG 300 head and a MAG 115 Deep cabinet. With this on stage, I sometimes plug a second 8 ohm cabinet into the head, as this two-part rig is great onstage. DI to the board carries my signal to monitors and beyond the stage.

1. I plug into the "low" instrument input jack on the Ashdown head because that means low impedance. It's the right jack for basses with MFD pickups.
2. I set my bass volume at about 8/10, just in case I need to raise it a but at some point while playing.
3. With the Ashdown output at 0, I play my bass as I would during the set while watching the VU meter and setting the input gain so that the needle will seldom enter the red range.

result: Generally, I set the input gain at 3/10 to 4/10.
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