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I am pleased to say that the BassesByLeo forum continues to be a great place to discuss G&L basses.  We've grown to include space for Evil Experiments (modding), Other Basses (non-G&L), a small Marketplace, and a forum dedicated to that G&L monster - the L-1000. 

BassesByLeo is also fortunate to have the company of Paul Gagon.  Paul has done extensive design work for Charvel/Jackson Guitars, Fender Musical Instrument Corp, and of course G&L Musical Instruments.  From pickups to preamps to amps and many other audio technologies, Paul has had his hands in the music industry for many years.  Now semi-retired, Paul has remained active with us a BbL as a teacher and technical writer.  He also plays a mean guitar (and bass, though he won't admit it).  You can find Paul's Technicalities here.

Questions emailed to me regarding G&L bass support or bass questions in general will be referred to the forum.  If you have questions about G&L basses and bass gear, please join the forum and ask there.  The forum is designed as a public place for G&L players to congregate and share knowledge.  Any back channel tech questions to me via PM or email will be referred to the forum, and it is common for me to copy & paste these to the forum.  I understand that there may be times when it becomes necessary to take a subject private, and I will make that determination on an individual basis.

You can find the new forum right here.  Have fun!

I would like to thank BBE/G&L for its support and blessing of this little venture, as well as Craig & Dean of GuitarsByLeo - the original G&L message board and home of The Registry.  

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Updated 1/18/2011, I have been forced to block (403) IP netblocks from two countries in the western Pacific region and one rather large eastern European country.  If / when the spamming and other unsavory activity emanating from those countries stops, I'll lift the blocks.  Something about a snowball's chance in a heated environment comes to mind here.  This isn't particularly precision work as I'm just grabbing whole netblocks, but it's reasonably effective.

The downside to all this is that there is a possibility that I may also be blocking some perfectly wonderful IP addresses.  I hope not, but it is a possibility.  Sadly, such good folk won't even be able to see this.  Too bad the good apples get tossed along with the bad,

Technical Stuff (in no particular order)

G&L and BBE wiring diagrams.  All kinds of nifty stuff for guitars, basses, and a few other things.

Here's a little piece I did on soldering.  Simple basic stuff.

Relativistic tone.  See IMPORTANT NOTE #1.  It's important.

Circuits to create passive G&L L series basses.  Yes, single coil is part of the picture.  There's also a nice little extra in there.

Early 1980s L-2000 circuits diagrams.  From the G&L "archive" and a modern re-do.

Jack replacement procedure for back loaded L series, ASAT, and JB-2 basses as well as ASAT guitars.  Maybe some others.  You know who you are.

SB-2 shielding tricks.  Details....

El Toro wiring diagram and a separate description sheet.  PDFs, so you'll need Acrobat Reader.

Bridge grounding.  Use your mind's eye.

L-2500/1505 Bridge Mod.  Sustain out the wazoo.  Updated 4/8/2010.

L-1500 / L-1505 / Climax wiring diagram.  With color coding, from G&L.

Notes on setting intonation.  It's a fat stringed thing, but probably good for the skinny stringers as well.

Wrenches for your G&L.  Of the Allen variety, from old to new.

Tweak that trussrod!  Info on how the CNC-era G&L trussrod does its thing.

Not so Technical Stuff

Canned Response.  Should have done it years ago.


Basses that are gone.  The reasons are varied, but gone is still gone.  I don't miss 'em at all.

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